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Sunday, July 8th, 2012
7:14 pm
testing testing 1,2,3...
hurhur... i havent log in for the longest time... just wanna try if this still works...


Thursday, December 31st, 2009
7:40 pm
EPISODE 67 : I am back with my only entry in 2009!!!
Your eyes are not playing tricks on you... Xiaomianyang is back!!! (maaaaiirrrrr~~~)

Hope everyone is doing well :) I am doing fine!! (except my face is getting rounder these days.... :P)

I am back with my 1st (and most likely my last!!!) entry for 2009.

My sincere apologies for M-I-A for so long... because:

1) It has been an eventful year for me....so eventful that I really have no idea where to start...
2) I seemed to have super big problems loading pictures on LJ!!! They take "forever"!!!

But anyway, I shall let pictures do most of the talking...

1) My new job

I joined one of the biggest media company (guess which one...) for about half a year, and I tendered right on the day of my confirmation!!! Sounds silly right? But I guess media is really not my cup of tea... IT'S SO BITCHY!!!!!! (yeah... as if I am not bitchy~~~).

And... my boss is a REAL bitch!!! Never met such a horrible person in my worklife before!!! 
I actually gave my fella colleague a "小人" cos we all hated her so much!!!  *ROARRRRR~~~*

Dun worry... I am with my new company for about 9 months now, and I am really happy where I am!
And for those who know me,  I am gonna be a Malaysia "PR" soon!!! (cos I travel to Malaysia so often these days...)

2) My bodycombat

Finally, I have my own permanent class!!! *kaixin*:)
But please dun be mistaken... this is only my part-time job!!! (so many people thought I do this for a living!!??!)

These are some of the highlights during the launches that took place this year...

Bodycombat Release 39 theme class ~ Athletic Fight Club (William, Darren, Ayesha and Xiaomianyang)

Bodycombat Release 41 theme class ~ Street Brawlers (Christina, Ayesha and Xiaomianyang)

California Roadshow @ Novena Square

Bodycombat Theme class ~ Getai Show 2 (William and Xiaomianyang)

3) My one and only trip this year (Australia and New Zealand)!!

This is like a dream trip come true....
Not only I got a chance to go for LES MILLS filming for the bodycombat and bodyjam releases


New Zealand

But I got to see so many sheeps right before my eyes!!!!


4) My Kampung life

I enjoy living in rural places ... got to stay in Sisters' Island and Pulau Ubin this year... and i dun seemed tired of them!!!

5) My 2nd full Standard Chartered Marathon

After months of training (erm... actually I didn't train diligently la...), the efforts paid off!!! This year's timing was a surprising 4hr 30min 24s!!! And it comes without any dropping toenails or "blueblack" / blisters... (just cannot close my legs when I walk due to abrasion...)

Will I do another one next year? We shall see... ... :p

6) My 三十大寿
Thanks to everyone who made my 30th birthday even more special!!! 


7) My car accident!

I just can't stand irritating cyclists who do not follow traffic rules!! 
I actually knocked a cyclist down for the wrongest reason which was not committed by me!!! *ANGRY*
But thank god... he was unhurt... and the issue was settled upon payment... BY ME of cos!!!
(sorry... I have no pics for this ... )

Moral of story: Trafiic rules will only be rules NOT followed if no one follows.... you may be the safest driver, but there are always unsafe road users around... so... BE CAREFUL ON THE ROADS!!!

8) My friends

And of cos, xiaomianyang wouldn't be happy without the presence of all of u!!! (you know who you are... too many to name...) Thank you guys, for making my 2009 a happy and memorable one!!!

That's a quick summary of the ongoings of Xiaomianyang... Hope to drop in more entries next year!!!

Happy 2010 to all my friends here!!! :)

Current Mood: busy
Sunday, December 28th, 2008
10:22 pm
EPISODE 66 :Bodycombat release 38 theme class~~ Christmas Boxers

I think I am getting lazier nowadays.. another backdated entry...

It's Bodycombat launch new release again!!! 

Ths time, the theme for the launch was "Christmas Boxers". So, me and my team dressed in green and red...

Don't u think the 3 of us looked like "christmas trees"? I felt so funny when I was in the changing room in this attire... GREEN and RED... fashion disaster... "P

Anyway, I thought this launch was an enjoyable one. Again, I was told that I have the ability to "自high".. I had a fun time teaching the 4 tracks I was assigned. The crowd was good this time (unlike during release 35... totally no reaction then... "P)

I think we put up a great performance that evening... Thanks to my team, Christina and Liyi !

Wishing everyone a belated Maaaiirrrry Xmas!!! (the way xiaomianyang greets.... )


Current Mood: accomplished
Monday, December 15th, 2008
11:57 pm
EPISODE 65 : Happy 29th Birthday to xiaomianyang~~~

Happy Birthday to me~
Happy Birthday to me~
Happy Birthday to xiaomianyang~
Happy birthday to me~~~

I had so much fun during my birthday celebration, and I still want to blog this eventhough it is backdated.

William knew that I am a huge fan of America's Next Top Model (ANTM) . And so, he decided to throw a "Secret" birthday party for me using ANTM as the theme.

He rented a service apartment at Bukit Timah, and decorated the whole house like the "Top Model House" we see on ANTM!

Every guest was asked to do their runway walk and strike a pose for the camera...

It was a night of food, games and laughter... I haven't had so much fun together with my friends for a long while... :)

We had so much fun until we fell off the sofa while we posed.... Fell already still must strike pose! (we are all professional top models! )

The highlight of the day is none other than the ckae cutting and the BIGGEST surprise "BIRTHDAY PORTFOLIO" I received. It contained all the well-wishes from these friends...

But what is it that made me laughed so hysterically?

They knew that I am a fan of ANTM. So, they actually downloaded some of the models' portfolio from the show and did something to my face... (please scroll with caution...)

"Real "ANTM models from ANTM cycle 11 Vs the " Fake" ANTM wannabe::

If you didn't realise by now, all those on the right are.... ME!!!!! I think the last set is the most "chio" and the most ridiculous one!!! (now then I know how scary photoshop can be!!!)

And my friends' had their faces photoshopped too!! (I am only showing you some of the girls makeover only, the guys one... errrr... looked TYRANNY~~~~ mmmuhhahahaa~~~~~

And guess what...all the people knew about this birthday party via a "secret" group in Facebook, and they have been discussing everything behind my back as I have been literally left out from the group!

And guess what again.. I finally got a chance to join the group after the birthday party ..and this was the profile picture...


anyway... thanks everyone, for making my 29th birthday such a memorable one, and thanks to William for all the effort! :)

Current Mood: happy
Monday, December 8th, 2008
10:56 pm
EPISODE 64: Standard Chartered Marathon 2008
I did it!!!

I've never expected I can do a full marathon in my entire life. After much persuasion by my fella combat mates, I took up the courage to join this year.


It was a whole sea of blue that morning. The full marathon measured a distance of 42.195km to be exact. Initially, the run was quite a breeze to me for the 1st 20km. Struggle kicked in at the 23rd km, where my calves started to cramp badly. I am the "stubborn" kind that refused to stop and stretch properly before I resume my run and thus, the cramp was soooo bad at the 30th km that I almost gave up.
The other part of the route where I felt like giving up was at the 38th km, where the sun started to shine brightly. But I thought to myself "SIAO! 38th km then you feel like GIVING UP??? " With that, I kept telling myself not to stop, at least try to "hantek kaki" (march on the spot).


Well, I won't call it a victory as I was not there to compete. I guess the process of completing the race was more important to me.

I have to say that the Standard Chartered Marathon is so much well-organised than the Army Half Marathon in August. The former has more water points, give bananas, give "power gels" and even "ko1 yo4" along the way, in case the runners get cramps.

The best thing is: The organisers actually uploaded our " personalised" photos and race results in their website! And I am so amazed by the kind of analysis they provide for the participants with regards to their race. Here are some of the photos and result slip I got from the website:


4hr 47min and 44 s...NOT BAD RIGHT??!!! (mmuuuhhahahaa.. dont "hiam"2 too much ok... this is good enough for a 1st time marathon runner who hardly trained hor.... "P)


Ok la... not too bad. this time only 1 nail got "blue black"... but I am carrying 2 elephant legs now!!!

Will I run again next year? Hmm... let's see... :)

Current Mood: satisfied
Sunday, November 30th, 2008
10:45 pm
EPISODE 63 : A note to my lost friend~~ Ms Lo Hwei Yen
This has been a tough weekend for some of my friends and myself.

For a minute, I was still in a loss for words. I still can't believe the fact that Hwei Yen has left us.

(Unfortunately, I am sad to say that I do not have a personal picture taken with Yen to post in my journal. And, I do not think it is nice to "pirate" her pics from her FaceBook or Friendster without her consent.)

I remembered the 1st time I met Yen was in a Monday bodycombat class at Raffles Cali. I was still a member then. I remembered I was the only one shouting in the combat class. There was only 1 reciprocal response from the sweet-looking gal beside me. That was Yen.

I managed to talk to Yen after a few sessions of bodycombat on Mondays. To me, Yen is such a "难得" gal. She is a beautiful gal with a big heart and pleasant personality. She is a lawyer that doesn't "throw air" around. I always believe every human being has flaws, but frankly, I could hardly find any with Yen. From then on, we became good combat mates, and I enjoyed every single class when she's around (even though sometimes the crowd in the class is really "dead"). I remembered I would tease her occasionally when she didn't come for class... telling her " hey, you are getting more and more 肥 (fat) already hor~~~" She would just pout her lips, and continue to enjoy shouting in combat class.

All these suddenly came to an end.

Yen made it to the headlines for the most ridiculous, irresponsible and inhumane reasons on Saturday. Some of us actually got the bad news about the terrorist attack in Mumbai before the press release, but we were all hoping that she would return home unharmed. But she didn't make it.

When I first got the news on Friday night, I was in a complete shock. I didn't know how to respond, who to blame etc... Even though I was not very close to Yen, it pains and irks me whenever I think about the ordeal she has gone through.

Actually, I didn't want to write anything about this in my blog (cos I thought the coverage in the media was overflooding and I do not wish to be reminded constantly). But, for some reasons, my tears just flowed while I was doing the combat class this afternoon, a class that Yen would attend if she's free. Images of her smile, her combat moves, her combat shoutings..... it all appeared in the mirror in the studio. I felt as if I lost my own sister in class...

Having said that, nothing is going to bring Yen back to us. From this incident, we have to learn to cherish the loved ones around us. My heart goes out to Yen's family and friends, and I sincerely hope Yen will be happy no matter where she is...

We will miss you, Yen...

Current Mood: sad
Saturday, October 11th, 2008
8:12 pm
EPISODE 62~ Simply boliao...

Note:This entry is NOT to be read as any form of discrimination. Please read it light-heartedly... If not, please dun read... :)

Received this leaflet in my letterbox 2 days ago.

Initially, I left it at the litter bin cos I thought it was just another leaflet. However, I do find it amusing in a way, and decided to take the lift down, collect it back and share with the readers.

If you can't see what's written in the leaflet, here it goes...

"Men: Read on if you are viewing porn or masturbating.
  Women: Read on if you love your husband or brother.

Porn (Pornography):
I created this flyer outreach in response to how ### 
(I changed this word as I find it too sensitive...) led me to understand the dangers of porn and helped me to overcome my lustful habits of porn viewing and masturbation. 
By sharing my experience and what I've learned since being freed of lustful addiction, I  hope to educate others on the real dangers of porn and its destructive power of marriages and family lives. Even as a professional teacher in the past, I rationalised that porn viewing was alright, but I was deadly wrong! It will eventually ruin our lives if we hide it in our lives! Many religious organisations have shunned this sensitive topic, but we must honestly deal with it. Otherwise, it would consume our lives, families and nations.

END PORN NOW!!! ........."

I paused for a long time...

There were so many thoughts I have about this flyer. But, generally, I just find this amusing.

In the 1st place, I don't think I will masturbate in front of a green piece of paper like this.

Hmmm... I shall not say much here...

Enough said... back to masturbate...
*ooops*... I mean... back to my story book...."P

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, September 24th, 2008
12:47 am
EPISODE 61: Bodycombat release 37 theme class ~ The M.A.M.A. Fighters!
(Backdated entry. I have been so busy with my handover at work lately.... )

Time flies! 3 months have passed, and it's the new bodycombat launch again!

This time, I launched with an all-female team. But that's not the reason for the theme "M.A.M.A"... M.A.M.A simply represented our names (i.e. Mae, Ayesha, Mark and Adeline)

Look at the pink top I was wearing.. aiyo... I looked damn gay right... ALL THANKS TO MAE!!! (no choice.. she is the team leader... next time I will make her wear bra top...)
hehe.... nonetheless, I still think I looked quite nice in it.... :P (self-fulfilling prophecy again....)

The new release is quite siong, and I was given the honour to teach the new move "esquiva", which is part of Brazilian martial arts. And I have to say it's reaaaaaally "siong"... just imagine the number of times I have to do this track cos I am the presenter for this track.... ouch... my knees!!!~~~~!!!

But the efforts paid off... I had a fun time there, and I was quite sure the class had fun too...
All thanks to my teammates... I thought this was one of my best theme clases I had so far... :)

til the next bodycombat release 38....

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Sunday, August 24th, 2008
2:25 pm
EPISODE 60: Army Half Marathon 2008

This is probably my 2nd challenge this year (apart from the bodycombat assessments).


Ya. From the above pic, u'll probably be able to imagine the crowd. This is the 1st time I am doing a marathon, and I probably will not join this again...

The run was quite a frustrating one. There were so many people at the marathon, but I think probably most of them were not interested in the run ( I guess most of them were forced to participate). 

Jenny and I had a bad start. We drove a long way, only to realise that most of the roads were closed, and carparks were hardly available. By the time we reach the gatheing area, the marathon had started.

Then comes the frustrating part. We were literally blocked by lines of people who simply walked the marathon. Some brought cameras (as though they were sightseeing),, and one of the army boys was carrying a huge supply of cigarettes (I think he is trying to "smoke" his way through...)

For the 1st 5 km of the route, I was busy "siaming" people who were blocking the way. And everytime I managed to "siam" one line of strolling people, I thought I could start my run. However, I was horrified by the blocks of people ahead, who were literally walking and chatting. I just don't get it. What are they doing here ???

Just as I was at the 20th km and approaching the finishing 21st km, I think I was too excited .... My left calve started to have a small lump of cramp. I knew I can't sprint cos it will defintely activate a huge cramp. So i tried to jog slowly. But, the cramp was "dangling" at my calve (it felt as though u feel like "laosai", but U can't run too fast... ) I endured the pain and struggled to the finishing point.


Now here comes the horrible part.

These are my toes after the run. Look at my 1st and 3rd toe on my left foot, and the 1st toe on my right... they have turned purple and swollen... It is now so painful to wear shoes...Sometimes, I am just amazed by the things I do. How can anyone run a marathon with his toes clenched throuhout the route??? Well....  I did...."P

This is a picture of my inner thigh... Can u see the red lines? I was wondering why I can't close my legs when I walk, and the way I walked looked as if I have "DLP" ~~~ dua lum pa (i.e. huge penis)... (sounds crude.. I know... ). The answer only surfaced when I showered... AWWWWW~~~~ abrasion.... apparently, I didnt apply enough vaseline....

haha.... this one needless to say la... How to recover from a previous blister when u go run a marathon leh???

Anyway, I am  still happy that I managed to finish the race without walking. After all, this is the 1st time I am doing a marathon. Bring me the next challenge!!! (mmmuhahahaha.. it's the standard chartered full marathon... lets see how I die from there.... "P)

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Friday, August 15th, 2008
1:15 am
EPISODE 59: The 7th month Getai (歌台) Bodycombat!

Another theme class!!!

Presenting.... the 7th month Getai Bodycombat!! 

Starring ... 

The Rambutan Brothers!!! 

Both the Rambutan Brothers were so enthusiatic about this theme class! We went to Little India to buy the "orbit chacha" clothes (which u will probably NOT see me wearing at any more....), and we actually came to the studio during the lunch hour to set up the stage. We tried to give the stage the "getai" effect by putting up lightbulbs, and played the hokkien songs from the 881 soundtrack. The "obiang-ometer" showed 99.5 points!! The atmosphere in the class was "obiang" to the extreme!!! mmmuhhahahahaa....

Everything was paid off! Other than the stupid microphone which gave us problem, it was actually one of my most enjoyable class. Both of us had fun on stage too .. :)

The drama after class...

A big thank you to everyone who specially came down and had fun with us. U guys know who you are! :)

and here are some video clips during the great class... AFTERMATH

Now here comes the big problem. 

Went to train for my marathon 2 days ago and earned myself a huge blister. I was damn itchy ended to cut the blister open. 
I covered a combat class in the morning, and did the getai combat in the evening. Effectively, I taught 2 classes today. As a result, the blister just grew bigger and bigger... I think nobody could actually tell that I was actually tiptoeing in class and struggling most of the time.... cos the more I step, the more painful it gets... :(

And now, the blister is so big and painful. I had no choice but to apply 青草油 on it (I tell you.... OOOUCCHHHHH~~~~)

 Now i start to worry about my marathon next week....

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Monday, August 11th, 2008
1:37 pm
EPISODE 58: Fortune telling

So many things happened these few days!

I actually accompanied Marie, a colleague of mine, to go for some fortune telling by this Master Chan a few weeks ago. Apparently, most of my colleagues went to this fortune teller, and they claimed that he is very "zhun".

So in the end, I asked him to get my fortune told.

i actually asked Master Chan if I should go for another job, since my company has been quite unstable lately, esp after the retrenchment. He initially said "GO GO GO..." Based on his calculation of my fortune, he said I should not stay in my current job. But after hearing all my stories with the job hunt, he actually gave me an ambiguous answer....


but there was no answer from him if I should stay or not.

Anyway... ... .. I HAVE TENDERED! 

Next, he asked me if I am driving. When I said "yes, I drive", he didn't even think twice and said...


walau... what kind of fortune telling is that??!! 

and he continued...


wabiang.... i didn't know if he is refering to the angmoh August or the Lunar calendar August.

But true enough, I almost got into an accident this afternoon. I was doing a parallel parking and my car ALMOST rubbed against a new car in front. Apparently, there were no scratches or whatsoever. However, the owner was actually drinking kopi with his kakis nearby, and he demanded me to pay $50 to let him do some painting touch up (but apparently, the spots he claimed that needs to be touched up were actually dirt and soil from normal driving! I rang my papa, and he told me just give him $20. The owner made noise, and said "THIS IS NOT EVEN ENOUGH TO BUY KOPI FOR MY FRIENDS..." (now, isn't obvious that this guy is extorting $$ from me??!?! )... But I was damn worried that if he were to report the case to insurance, it'll affect my insurance... so I topped another $10 and said "take it or leave it...." 

In the end, he took it. Just pray that this jerk don't come and haunt me anymore as he has my namecard.

Damn suay, isn't.

Anyway,  Master Chan told me to that in order to improve on my luck, I have to place nine $1 coins and two 10cent coins on a bowl of salt water in a glass bowl and saucer, and it should form a " 冰山雪莲" a few days later. I have to place this thing at the west side of my house at a certain timing.

And this is what it looked like...

Days have passed.. but I have yet to see any " 冰山雪莲" being formed, only a few ants died inside....

Hope this really works..... at least help me avoid the serious October accident and my new job.

Current Mood: worried
Thursday, July 31st, 2008
5:30 pm
EPISODE 57: Retrenchment
裁员 .

I thought this term would only happen in drama serials or  financial programs on TV. Never did I expect it to happen in my company.

Sometimes, the business world can be "冷酷无情". Retrenchment seems to be one of the most popular options to cut costs. We have been speculating this since the day we got bought over by another company, and it finally happened. 

I had a bad day today. The feeling of seeing my colleagues going into the room one by one to receive the news of "to stay or to leave" was really lousy.

Not too sure if I was considered lucky, but I was not affected by the retrenchment and managed to keep my job. However, I teared for one of my colleagues when I found out that she is leaving. In fact, most of my colleagues are affected. But thank goodness, I think the compensation package was reasonable, and there were mixed feelings amongst all of us about the retrenchment.

The times spent with my colleagues will soon become history, and I will definitely miss each and everyone. Thanks for bringing me joy since the day I joined the company.

I wish everyone affected by the retrenchment all the best.

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Monday, July 21st, 2008
10:01 am
EPISODE 56: I am a bodycombat instuctor!


I think no other words can describe my feelings now....

After months and months of training, auditioning and team teaching, the efforts are finally paid off!

Had my 2nd bodycombat assessment class on a Monday 7am class (yeah.~~I had such a difficult time dragging myself out of bed.....). I fell so sick the week before, and I  was left with so little confidence, However, I told myself : Just go up, enjoy yourself... at most, do one more assessment la...

And so, I went to the stage, trying to give myself the least amount of pressure.  To be honest, today's performance was not fantastic. There were areas to work on, and my voice was totally bad. I thought I wouldn't make it.

However, I think my assessor did see my improvement since Day 1, and that my passion and attitude has been positive towards bodycombat. The next sentence which brightened my entire day was :Congratulations Mark, and welcome to the team.... 

i was sooooo happy and grateful. Hehe... i didn't cry this time ok.... "P

I am so grateful to all my seniors who have been giving me advice and teaching me.
And I shall not forget to thank all my friends who have been giving me support throughout this few months. ( you guys know who you are... ) Without you guys, I wouldn't have made it this far...

Thank you, all.... :)


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Saturday, June 28th, 2008
2:10 pm
EPISODE 55: Thailand trip!

xiaomianyang loves travelling. I must blog even for a little Bangkok weekend stay.

Me and William went to Bangkok over the last weekend to celebrate his birthday. This is actually not my 1st time visiting bangkok. The 1st time was 4 years ago, but I hardly enjoyed myself then as it was a business trip.

There are sooo many things I wana write about Bangkok, but I shall just summarise (otherwise, it's gonna be another loooong entry...)

1) Food

Apparently, this trip would never be enjoyable without food for the 2 gluttons! There was not one single minute I felt hungry during the 4-day stay (so just imagine how much food I ate, and I shall not reveal how much more I have gained... :(  )

2) Sightseeing and shopping!!!

The ferry ride was so fun! And one of the stops was Chinatown. where we had birds' nest and sharks' fin!

mmuhahaha.. and this shop at Chatuchuk market has no fitting room. The shoplady simply gave us a sarong, and we had to try the berms in front of so many other shoppers at the shop. So embarrassing!!

3) Traffic!

Wabiang! The traffic was damn lousy there! And the taxi drivers simply anyhow quote the fares!!! And I finally got a chance to take the "tuk tuk" for the 1st time (and probably it's gonna be my last time!!) My face got so dirty after the ride. And I kept thinking that there was another vehicle tailgating us from behind, but it was actually the engine of the "tuk tuk", so just imagine how loud the engine was! And the driver drove so fast and squeeze here and there in between the lanes... SO DANGEROUS!!!

4) Traditional Thai massage!

OOhhhhh~~~  I think this is the most enjoyable part of the trip!!! We went for traditional Thai massage for 2 hours for 1st 2 days, 2 hour oil massage on the 3rd day, and 1 hour of foot massage on the last day. I requested for the same masseur cos' he was damn good!!! and by comparing him with the other masseurs, I think he has the most  "pai2 tan3" (hard-earned) money. He was wiping his perspiration off his forehead while he massaged me, while the other masseurs looked so relaxed!  mmmuhhahaaa...I simply love "hardcore massage".

5) Bangkok's night scene

mmmuhahaha.. call me a "suaku" again.

I've never expected Bangkok's night scene is soooo interesting!!

On one side of the street, there are all the conventional sleazy bars, whereby the passers-by are greeted by women in bikini. Peeping into the bars, you will see all the bikini-girls on the stage with poles.

On the other side of the street is where you find all the gay bars. Me and William decided to go check out one of the bars, and he warned me to be careful as the bouncers are pretty agressive in pulling customers. True enough, I was dragged into one of the bars. William told me that the people call it the "BIG COCK SHOW". I paraphrased it, and I crudely call it the "big kuku jiao" show. 

I dun wana go into details with what I saw at the bar, all I can describe is 3 adjectives beginning with "A"

1) Astonishing.
2) Amusing,
3) AMAZING!!!!

6) Lazing time at hotel

We stayed at this hotel called "Eastin Hotel" ( ya... not "Westin".... ) during the 4 day stay.

It's actually quite a nice hotel, and I purposely bought a pair of goggles (which I thought I could at least burn some fats in order to eat more). However, the pool was more like a fun pool, and I suntanned instead....

Before I sign off, I shall leave u with some "skimpy" photos. (and hopefully can make my readers "lao3 nua2" (salivate)... ) If not, you may choose to close your window immediately if it hurts your eye... "p)


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Monday, June 16th, 2008
5:23 pm
EPISODE 54 : Professional Wedding Emcee
Last Sunday, I was the Mandarin emcee for one of my good friend's wedding... AGAIN!!!

This was the Nth time I've been an emcee for weddings. Perhaps it was due to my exposure and experience gained during my Superhost competition, it is inevitable that my friends would ask me to help them out, and I would usually do it out of goodwill ( and for your info, I usually only help those friends who are close to me.)

There were also cases where my "long lost" friends (and I really meant LONG LOST, like since secondary school days...) whom we have never contact, would suddenly contact me. They would suddenly appear, and ask me to help.

I remembered this classic case over the phone.

Friend: Hey Zhentao, long time no see!!
xiaomianyang: ya... (thinking to myself: I'm glad u know....)

Friend: wah... u not bad huh!! Saw u on tv leh... and i got 支持你 leh!!!
xiaomianyang: ya... (thinking to myself again: as if I know... must be something up his sleeves.. suddenly 认亲认戚....)

Friend: hey, you free on 3rd week of july?
xiaomianyang: why?

Friend: ooo... wana invite u to my wedding dinner...
xiaomianyang: Congrats!

Friend: But can u be my emcee??!?!!!??!?!?!
xiaomianyang: (*roll eyes*) can.....NOT! i got something on.. BYEEEE!

I dun mean to be bitchy sometimes... but please show some sincerity in our friendship if u ever need my help!

With that, it prompted me a great business idea !!(and this is strictly applicable only to non-close friends.... I would still be glad to help my good friends to be their wedding emcee...)

IDEA right!!!!

I shall print this namecard and go distribute at Registry of Marriage!!!

mmmuahhahaa.. and somehow the charges look like some carpark charging rates...

do u guys have any other suggestions??? "P


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Saturday, June 14th, 2008
4:07 pm
EPISODE 53: Bodycombat release 36 theme class~ Kungfu Panda Combat!!

3 months passed so quickly, and it's time for the new Bodycombat release 36 launch!!!

This time, KC got the idea for the launch class from the latest movie "Kungfu Panda". I just love theme classes! Needless to say, under the works of our Creative Director, William, all of us came dressed and made up as pandas! We even decorated the stage with real bamboos!!!

Pandas in the making...

Our final look!!

Introducing the Kungfu Panda characters!!! Liyi (trained by Master Monkey), William (by Master Tiger, xiaomianyang (by Master Viper) and KC (by Master Crane)

I looked damn funnie in the panda make up! And I was so unglam today. I am such a "汗"堡包, and I really can perspire! I started to perspire during the 1st track, and I kept warning myself to dab my sweat off, instead of wiping (otherwise my make up will smudge). In the end, halfway thru the 2nd track, one of the members gave me an eye signal to look at the mirror. To my horror, I looked as if I just fell into the drain! So messy!!

The launch class this time was such a success, and the crowd were so much better than the previous launch... It was quite a big crowd this morning, despite the fact that it was a 9am morning launch class (which is soooo seldom!!) and I am so thankful to all my frends who came down specially to give me their support!

Before I go, this was one of the 2 tracks I taught during the class... "P

Please enjoy...

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Wednesday, June 4th, 2008
7:03 pm
EPISODE 52: my 1st solo bodycombat assessment class...

Sorry, there won't be any pics in this entry.

Today is probably my most gloomy day in 2008 thus far.

I had my solo bodycombat assessment class today.

I put my heart and soul for this  assessment over the past week. After nights and nights of preparation, practices and hardwork, I thought I was ready to give my best shot. 

However, sometimes 期望越高, 失望越大

I tried to give my best today, but I was utterly disappointed with myself when I saw the number of comments my assessor gave me. I know my assessor is giving me constructive feedback so that I can improve myself further. But, I just can't help but to blame myself for the imperfections today. 

Actually, the class wasn't THAT bad la... It was quite ok, but there are things I can work further

But I just can't hide my disappointment.

Tears just flow from my eyes during lunch, while I was waiting my assessment feedback.

Tears flow again during the midst of my assessment feedback. This time, I didn't cry because I have to redo my assessment. But rather, I was touched by some of the words my assessor told me.

Call me a perfectionist, but I am really disappointed with myself today. And this feeling sucks.

收拾心情, 重新再来!
get ready for my 2nd attempt...

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Sunday, May 25th, 2008
11:59 pm
EPISODE 51: Sex and the City launch party

Call me a  "山龟" ("suaku")

Seriously, I have never heard of the movie "Sex and the City" (SATC), and I didn't know it was such a big blockbuster movie for so many people. (sorrie... I am really not a movie-person... )

Whenever I mentioned to my friends "oooh, I got an invite for the SATC launch party , but I dun think I am going... I don't even know what the movie was about......", they would pop their eyes and say " huh??!?! U mean u dunno what is SATC???? "

After much persuasion, I decided to go for the launch. Tried to watch the SATC DVD the night before (so that at least I know what is SATC all about), but I fell asleep within the 1st 5 minutes... (mmmuhahhaa...)


Anyway, I still made my way down to the party...(without knowing what is SATC all about... "P)

And u may name whatever that comes to your mind during the event... (gorgeous people lah., champagne lah, luxurious car lah... blah blah blah... sorrie... NO SEX! ). 
The only thing I probably enjoyed most was the fashion show and good-old gathering with my friends during the event...

And guess what... I got nominated for "BEST DRESSED" wor... haha.... 

And me , being the complete bitch, wana talk about " poor pick-up techiniques at a party"


There was this fat man (let's call him "Fat Ass") who picked up my colleague right infront of my eyes

Fat Ass: "ooh, are you from XXX company?)
My colleague: "no. why do U say so?"
Fat Ass: "ooh, because u are having the orange ribbon on..."

(oooh, come on Fat Ass, is this ur 1st time partying? U nid these ribbons/ chops/ (whatever) to enter parties u know.... Look around u... everyone has an orange ribbon on their hands... EVEN U YOURSELF HAS ONE ON YOUR HAND!)

Fat Ass goes on :" Can i get some drinks for you?"
My Colleague: " No..."

My colleague stayed close to me and another colleague, while the Fat Ass tried very hard to stick to us. Eventually,he realised that he got no chance to talk to us, so he finally gave up and looked for his next target. Guess what was his opening pickup line for the next gal....

Fat Ass: " Hi ... are you from XXX company?......" (NOT AGAIN!!!)

So, me being the bitch, told bikkleabout this irritating man. She is the ultimate bitch! She actually suggested to pose next to him, take his picture, and bitch about him in our own blogs. 

I was supposed to be the cameraman, but  I was damn slow to capture him in the photo (cos I'm still not used to my phone camera). So bikkle decided to snap the shot, while me and Nicole posed instead.




try again....

*updated the next day*
bikkle managed to take the front profile of Fat Ass. However, the front profile has been removed due to possible legal actions. Thanks sunshinernehsfor the warning :)

Based on the side profile picture, do u know this Fat Ass? If so, PLEASE ASK HIM TO GET A LIFE!!!! 

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Monday, May 19th, 2008
9:43 pm
EPISODE 50: xiAomIAnyanG is CPR- certified!!!

mmmmmuhahahaa... xiaomianyang learnt something new over the weekend... and the thing is~~~Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (sounds "cheam" right... it is better known as "人工呼吸" or CPR)

So this day, xiaomianyang happily attended the course with 2 other fella combat instructors-to-be (cos it is a pre-requisite for us to know CPR to be an instructor.)

The course was fun, and xiaomianyang learnt a new skill at the end of the day. 

There was a theory and practical exam at the end of the course, and based on xiaomianyang's 聪明过仁的智慧(??!!!??!)... xiaomianyang passed the exam with outstanding, flying colours! (actually, the paper was really idiot-proof la... they make sure they correct every mistake u make on the spot, and the purpose is basically not to fail people la.... "P)

xiaomianyang thought he would be able to get over the course without the attack from his himbotic cells, but they struck... AGAIN! 

Just before we were leaving home, the trainer decided to show us the AED (Automated External Defibrillator). Cheam right?!?! haha... it is the 2-iron lookalike machine that doctors would use to shock the patients using electric currents at times of emergency to bring the patient "back to life". 

AED nowadays are so advanced! They even come in handy pack by using "sticker pads" instead of "irons" 

The trainer wanted to show that the new AED is really easy and idiot-proof to use, so he wanted someone who has never seen the AED before to come out and demostrate, and he picked ME!!!!

Trainer: "ok, now I am not going to say anything. Once u start the machine, there will be a voice to guide u step by step. If u do something incorrect, it will keep on repeating the instructions until u get it right... "

So I pressed the "START" button.

Machine: "paste the pads onto the right chest and below the left nipple..."
xiaomianyang: " Am I supposed to tear the sticker now?"
Trainer: "Yeah..."

So, I took off the sticker, and pasted onto the chest of my trainer.

Machine: "paste the pads onto the right chest and below the left nipple..."
Machine: "paste the pads onto the right chest and below the left nipple..."
Machine: "paste the pads onto the right chest and below the left nipple..."

I looked at the trainer, and the trainer looked at me. The machine just kept on repeating the same instruction.

The trainer had no choice and said...
Trainer: "my dear...... below my left nipple... "

mmmmuhahahaa.. by now, I was sooooo embarassed... cos the machine was really loud when it gave the instructions (and if it keep repeating, it simply means that you can't follow simple instructions.... )

Machine: "connect the wire to the adapter..."
This time, I held my composure, tried my best to look " steady"

Machine:" reading in progress.... "
Machine: "press the green button to shock patient. Pls stand clear. "

I was damn nervous. Will the trainer get a shock if I were to really press it?

Machine: "press the green button to shock patient. Pls stand clear." 
Machine: "press the green button to shock patient. Pls stand clear. "

Trainer: "PRESS LAH!!"
xiaomianyang: " u sure u wun die hor... "
... and before he could  reply, I pressed the button.

Nothing happened.

Trainer: " U know why? This is the DUMMY set  lah... ..."


mmmuahhahaa.... anyone wana let me try CPR on you????

1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5....
1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 10...
1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 15... ... ...

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Sunday, May 11th, 2008
2:36 am
EPISODE 49: My new nokia phone!! (and I am such an I.T. idiot...)


After a long period of frustration and irritation with my old Sony Ericsson model W8XXi ( I am soooo pissed off with my old phone that I cant even remember its model number...), I finally got my new Nokia phone!!! My stupid old phone's "left button" cannot even press now, and the buttons are so small that I always press 4 buttons at a time due to my big thumb.

Yeah!!! I dun need to wait for my contract to end to upgrade my phone, and I dun have to wait for the "Telcom war" in June liao!!!
Thanks to Wiliam, he got it for me at a super reduced price due to his media connection... mmmuhahhahahaa...


MY NEW NOKIA N95!!! (with 8GB!!! But, seriously, i dun think i need such a big storage space la... a phone is just a phone to me... ) 

The phone looks damn cool man!! This is the 1st time I am owning a slide phone. And as per William, this phone has many functions to play with! 

But I have a major problem. The last time I owned a Nokia phone was few years back, and I was told that my contacts in my Sony Ericsson phone somehow cannot be interfaced into my Nokia phone... Some of my smart friends mentioned that I need to go download some Sony ericsson software, then synchronise here and there, and then, the phone list will need to be synchoronised as well.... (bla bla bla.... as if I understand what they are talking about.)

So xiaomianyang, being the smart Himbo, has decided to go for the manual way.

1st, xiaomianyang used its old phone and list down all the numbers in the SIM card on a piece of paper... which was something like this..
and the list went on.... and on.....and on.....

(Note !!! updated on the next day of entry:  the list of names and numbers has been removed to protect the identity of my frends, cos one of the bloggers said that the numbers can be seen if there's a software to enlarge it... ya... that's what i call an I.T. idiot.....)
Thanks royinmoonride! )

mmmuuuhahaha... cos xiaomianyang got many friends in the phone list....

Anyway,, xiaomianyang then keyed in the names and phone numbers into the new nokia phone... 1 BY 1!!

And by 2am, xiaomianyang has only managed to key in friends' name starting from alphabet A to D, cos by then, xiaomianyang already got "花花眼" ....

I realise I am so hopeless with I.T. gadgets.

I am sure there are easier methods available right??!! 

Anyway,  I still prefer Nokia phones!!! So much user friendly... or rather "Himbo friendly"..... mmmmuhahhaha....


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